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Streaming the best stores, designers, and galleries in Los Angeles.

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"The next big thing in live entertainment."

Lindsey Gordon, Reality TV executive and former SVP at MGM Television


"Shopping at home is fun again."

Kurt Rayfield, Creative Director at Rayfield

Shoppable live shows on your phone

Shoppable live shows on your phone

Instantly find live shows hosted by experts in style, beauty, art, and more. Get exclusive drops, ask questions, and hear the stories behind the products.

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One tap checkout while you watch

Our seamless checkout process is optimized for iPhone. Enjoy flat $5.99 shipping for everything you purchase during a live show.

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One tap checkout while you watch
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Follow your favorites, don't miss drops

Stay connected to your favorite Melrose sellers and get notified when they schedule new live shows. You can shop their full catalogs anytime.

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10x conversions and build real relationships with your customers

Melrose is a live selling platform for independent stores, designers, and artists.

Everything you need to broadcast and sell

Sellers on Melrose get access to a full suite of features designed to help you sell your products live.

Everything you need to broadcast and sell
Demo products live and express your creativity

Demo products live, express your creativity

Live streaming gives you the opportunity to show off your passion and creativity. Now your customers can see you and your products in a whole new light.

Manage your listings and inventory

Update your catalog anytime, even when you're live. Keep special items and exclusives hidden so you can drop them during your live show.

Manage your listings and inventory
Ship orders and get paid

Ship orders, get paid

We take care of payments and help you collect taxes. Manage your orders in the app and access a dashboard for payouts and reports.


"It's Etsy meets Twitch."

Andy Vick, Head of Programming at LiveXLive


"Live video is the future of commerce."

Katie Greenwall, Owner at Be Vintage

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  • Create custom discount codes

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A live shopping experience that you watch on your phone

Melrose is a shoppable live streaming app where store owners, designers, and artists broadcast themselves and sell their products live. We're redefining the shopping experience by bringing together the most iconic shops in the most coveted shopping districts, starting in our home of Los Angeles, California.

Our mission is to help local store owners develop real relationships with customers that go beyond social media. Hosted live shows on Melrose are more personal, more helpful, and more entertaining than anything youโ€™ll find on a traditional web store. And our discovery tools make it easy to explore other shops, so everyone gets foot traffic.

We donโ€™t want to replace the in-person shopping experience. We want to extend that experience outside the physical store. Whether you are too busy, too far away, or just staying safe, shopping on Melrose is easy, interactive, and a lot of fun.

Melrose FAQ

For shoppers

How do I watch Melrose?

Melrose is a mobile app for your phone. You need to install it to access our live shopping streams. Currently, Melrose is available on iOS devices. Download it on the App Store.

When will the Android version be available?

As soon as possible! We're targeting mid 2021. Sign up our mailing list on the bottom of our homepage, and we'll announce availability as soon as itโ€™s ready.

Why can't I shop stores outside of Los Angeles?

Right now we're focused on our home base of sunny Los Angeles. Before we roll out more regions, we want to ensure a ๐Ÿ’ฏ experience for everyone. New cities are coming later in 2021. If you have a request for a store or region, please contact us and let us know!

How will I receive the products I order?

All orders placed on Melrose will be shipped by the store you purchased from. Each seller has a different process for fulfillment, but we ask sellers to ship within 2-3 business days.

Are returns accepted?

Generally yes, for items that are not special ordered or custom, or otherwise noted as "no returns" in the listing. Melrose is a marketplace, so we pass return requests onto the seller and facilitate the process. Please contact us and we'll help you with return requests. If you have specific questions about a seller's return policy, please ask during a live show.

Who is behind Melrose?

Melrose is part of a startup studio called Bigtop based in Los Angeles. We make awesome live streaming apps. The company is founded by Rick Rey, a veteran new media executive.

Where is Melrose available?

Currently, US only. If you would like to see Melrose in other countries, please contact us and let us know where you want it.

For sellers

Why sell on Melrose?

Melrose is building a community of engaged shoppers who love the experience of in-person shopping, but want the convenience of doing it remotely. Our platform enables sellers to easily broadcast using only their mobile phones, and with no commitments. Live selling has been shown to hugely increase conversion rates, customer retention, and engagement. You can create and foster deeper relationships with your customers that extend beyond any app or platform.

How do I get started?

If you think you or your store would be a good fit for Melrose, even if you're located outside of Los Angeles, please fill out our short sign up form or visit our seller page to learn more about selling on Melrose.

But I'm not a live host

That's okay! We'll help you with the basics. Selling on Melrose is a lot like selling in person to customers, so you already have a lot of those skills! If you absolutely don't want to be on camera, we might be able to help you. Just reach out and tell us your situation.

Are there any content restrictions?

Yes, Melrose is open to viewers aged 13+ so we ask that sellers keep their streams and products appropriate for all ages. Please review our community guidelines for more info.

Melrose Community Guidelines

Melrose is a platform for shoppable live shows. We want to foster a community of buyers and sellers in a safe, friendly environment. In addition to our Terms and Conditions, we offer these guidelines for our users. The Melrose staff reserves the right to suspend or terminate accounts at any time for violating these guidelines, or for any other conduct that we determine is inappropriate.

  • No violent acts, threats of violence, or glorification of violence

  • No promotion of terrorism or violent extremism

  • No nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content

  • No breaking the law

  • No obscene content or excessively gory content

  • No self-destructive behavior or encouragement of suicidal behavior

  • No harassment or abuse

  • No hateful conduct of any kind

  • No unauthorized sharing of personal information

  • No impersonating other people or organizations

  • No malicious content, scams, or spamming

  • No election interference

  • No third-party advertising or brand deals without permission

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact us.

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